Kim Nietch. Authorized Ashtanga-Mysore yoga teacher

Mysore Shala teacher-director OH/2010-present. Authorized by R Sharath Jois.

past: Yoga Studio teacher-owner NJ-OH/2001-2010.  CYT 700hr/2000. 

Building multiple yoga communities spanning two decades, in three different towns, in two different states takes dedication, skill, and hard-work. These are also the elements that I have put forth developing an Ashtanga yoga practice. There is depth of experience created from longtime practice, such that it is advised (per KPJ) that no less than 10 years of practice readies a teacher to hold space and teach with depth, in a Mysore Room. It takes guts and grace to be a steward of this system. Years of honing both the practice tools and the teaching tools, results in a skill set of receptive teaching, intuitive practical adjustments, and the caring approach to offer honest practice within the shala. This daily time with students feels good and right, filled with purpose and promise.

Conveyance and Vande Gurunam: The teacher taking study-time is an aspect to enrich the whole of her being and her shala. My trips to study in Mysore India began in 2004 with K Pattabhi Jois, Saraswati Jois, and Sharath Jois. Several gap years followed, then I returned to study under Sharath Jois. My journey to Mysore has this importance: the roots, the source, the energy, the depth of practice, the profound connection.

In 2014 I began direct study and mentorship with Angela Jamison, certified by R Sharath Jois, with her deep well of experiential knowledge and her contemplative approach. In 2017 I was invited into her remote Apprentice program. In 2018 I directly assisted her within her shala community. So much respect for the integrity in her program in Ann Arbor, and the work she does, care she provides, voice she gives to this system of yoga. We are grateful to have her visit our shala annually.

Continuing this Path: As a long time teacher of Ashtanga yoga, I make this statement to uphold this method to the highest professional degree and continue to learn and teach and heal with the worldwide ashtanga community now that part of its history contains abuse of power in a sexual nature from its founder. Through grief and disappointment, we must find trust and faith for a system that is too important and beneficial to let go by the wayside. Safe sound space is here.

Chris Nietch. apprentice

Assists the shala Fridays & leads the first Sunday of the month Led Primary series

Joe Smitherman. apprentice

Assists the shala Thursdays

Meredith Blackmore. apprentice

Assists the shala Sunday Mysore