The Ashtanga Mysore practice in Cincinnati, grassroots + steadfast

A high-quality yoga practice and teaching.

The Mysore Cincinnati program: one comprehensive yoga practice of individual pace and focus. The system of Ashtanga yoga taught using the traditional Mysore practice; supervised self-practice in a group setting. Following a system set forth in Mysore India: all levels of students practice together at a personal pace, while learning on an individual basis. As a powerful study of focused breath and movement patterns, Ashtanga is for everyone as a daily, healing, therapeutic practice. The teacher provides step by step attention and gains familiarity with each student. Students in turn, get to experience the practice with their own undivided attention. In our Mysore Room, all levels, yoga beginners to yoga teachers, can embrace being a student of yoga. Practitioners learn how to practice.

All great systems have rules and great students understand the benefit.  Morning practice is offered Sunday through Friday to promote a consistent daily practice 3-6 days/week. In lieu of casual attendance, the traditional insistence on routine allows students to get the most out of this practice and the teacher to be the most effective.

  • Beginners to yoga find this practice to be the perfect way to deeply learn yoga

  • Consistency counts, and balances with the student-teacher-community energy

  • Students take responsibility for their Shala Fees, due the 1st of the month

  • Any correspondence from the Shala should be read in its entirety

  • Shala attendance requirement minimum 3 days weekly, with a prompt toward 6 days

  • Arrive no later than 8am for Mysore practice

  • Shala practice available 6 days weekly to promote daily routine

  • Moon days off [full + new]

  • Yoga rest day [Saturdays]

  • Ladies Holiday take rest [1-3 menstrual days]

  • Sitting Silent [weekly Wednesday 845-915a]

  • Book Club study group [monthly]

  • Conference/Theory workshops [monthly]

  • Led Primary series [regularly offered]

  • Led 1/2 Primary [tba]

  • DrumStudy [tba]

  • Therapeutics [tba]

How to begin?

Our Yogasana Mysore Cincinnati community is strong, dedicated and supportive of all who take practice here, and the energy of newcomers is welcome (although often with a short wait list). Please EMAIL teacher Kim Nietch first, regarding the Mysore program, to see if it’s a good fit. Find out about times to come OBSERVE the dynamic of the Mysore Room. Upon starting, New student practice time between 630a-830a Mon-FriCommit to your initial 3-month Pass as entry into one of the most worthwhile practices for your life.     513-262-6608


On-line purchase: SHALA STORE

All Passes encompass the full program

  • Qtr-3-Month Standard Pass $350 or 1-Month $125

  • Qtr-3-Month Discount Pass $275 or 1-Month $100 [Spouse/Senior 65+/Academic Student f/t]

  • Drop-in $20 [out-of-town visitor with established practice]

  • Private session $90 [60-75 minutes]

Policy: Shala fees are all-inclusive, non-refundable, non-transferable, no extensions / All Passes begin on the 1st

On-line credit card / In-shala cash or check payable to 'Yogasana'



flexible Mysore start time
arriving no later than 8am

Mysore Program
MON-FRI doors 5a-9a
Instruction 6:15a-9a

Led Primary 730a-9a
+Mysore last Sunday 7a-9a
doors 6a

Weekdays 6:30a
Sundays 7:30a

Moon Days 2019 - shala closed
Jan 5 / 21
Feb 4 / 19
March 6 / 20
April 5 / 19
May 4 / 18
June 3 /17
July 2 /16 /31
Aug 15 / 30
Sept 14 / 29
Oct 13 / 27
Nov 12 / 26
Dec 12 / 26